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DARKNESS is a promenade performance / installation combining choreography, animation, sound, and spatial design. The work manifests as a maze through which the audience is guided, and encouraged to interact. This work is an unusual collaboration between performance and technology that creates a textural and multi sensorial environment - compelling, intriguing, and a fertile ground for the unexpected.

The maze and its boundaries were made from shafts of structured light rather than tangible, solid walls and these angular routes constantly changed shape, orientation and direction to create the promenade.

​Premiered at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow as part of Cryptic Nights- an evening with Gail Sneddon 

Darkness uses Nyctophobia (fear of the dark) as a starting point: Something solid and real, more than an absence of light. It touches the skin, questioning, exploring, and gliding through the mind. It slips into your lungs, behind your eyes, into your mouth. It feels not so much as if the light is being turned down but that the darkness is being turned up.

Director: Gail Sneddon​

Live Performance Artists: Julia McGhee, Tom Pritchard, Angelica Kroeger, Ian Donnelly, Niamh McKenna​

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