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Interference is a trilogy of near future plays. Staged in an empty office block transformed with vivid projection and atmospheric soundscapes. It asks the question: will technology interfere with what we really need from each other?

... the play emerges as a richly memorable piece of theatre, lifted, like the entire trilogy, by powerful scenic, lighting and video work from Jen McGinley, Simon Wilkinson and Gail Sneddon.


... Such sci-fi tropes of engineering may be familiar, but in the current climate they are full of heart and soul in a collective plea for humanity.



... This is made to feel like a potential reality, rather than a fiction. And it's all the more satisfyingly chilling for it...



Writers: Morna Pearson, Hannah Khalil, and Vlad Butucea
Director: Cora Bissett
Gail Sneddon: Video Designer & Movement Direction 
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