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Johnny Dog Ear

Johnny, a rogue scientist, has performed a bizarre experiment on himself. He has replaced his own inner ear with that of a dog in a bid to heighten his visual and aural world. As the effects of the operation take hold Johnny’s already strange world is turned upside down. His interactions with society are overwhelmingly transformed, until it becomes intolerable and he takes drastic measures to regain some normality.​​

Johnny Dog Ear is an audio/visual piece based on research conducted around the idea of transplanting the inner ear of a dog into the inner ear of a human.


The end product will be an innovative and highly original synthesis of sound, image, and movement. It will be approximately 12 minutes long and follows a linear narrative. Its combination of extreme sonics and imagery combined with dark humour will bemuse and unsettle the audience, making them question their own sensory perceptions.

We are now seeking support to aid the completion of the film.

Director: Gail Sneddon
Cinematography: Zillah Bowes
Sound: Wajid Yassen
Performer: Tiago Gambogi
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