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I walk and I walk and I walk and I listen.
Walking and listening is a huge part of my artistic practice. Walking is how I work things out. I always discover or uncover something or shift my perspective when I walk. I rarely walk without sound; it can be music, podcasts, audio books, or radio creating the soundtracks to my journey. 

My walks are mostly solitary journey's and I would often get the inclination to share my experience of great expansive mists, or the sound of a new piece of music as i braced against the north westerly wind and rain. So, I decided during lockdown to start collecting my walks, documenting them with a picture and noting what I was listening to. 

When making site-based work, I explore and investigate the site first by walking from as many different points as possible, getting to know the sites light at certain points of the day, the experience under my feet of the changing terrains, and how the weather moves through the site. Walking with sound at the site helps me map the other worlds that are beginning to emerge, and the routes I can navigate; the places acting as audience or performers.

See my walkWoman posts here on this page. 

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